520 17th Ave SW

Calgary, AB, Canada


After 20 years of hard work I have had to limit the types of tattoos I do so I can  continue to grow and evolve in today's tattoo scene.

My hourly rate is $200.  I do day rates of $1200 which is for 7-8 hours of tattoo work depending on if you can sit well. This will save you 1-2 hours of tattoo cost per session depending on how long you sit.

For quickest response, you can text me your idea at 403-540-8529.


Please fill out the form below with the following details:

Tattoo Idea



Cell Number

If there is an artist at the studio or elsewhere in the city that would be more suited for your idea, I will recommend them to you.

The Paypal link is to leave a deposit to book an appointment time.  Please only leave a deposit once we have confirmed your tattoo idea. 


Covid-19 Deposit Deals

Covid-19 deposit deals are available until the shop reopens.  Text me and I can begin creating your design during the shutdown.  (403) 540-8529

My PayPal account is

Pay $375 and get $500 value.

Pay $300 and get $400 in value.

Book a consult

Pay $225 and get $300 in value.

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